Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I have come to realize that I'm not a "go out and fuck random girls" kind of guy. I am, and probably will always be a relationship guy. The reason that sucks so much is, I am nowhere near ready to be in one. I wish I could just hold a girl and not run the risk of falling head over heels, I'm afraid this will happen, but I've been longing for a woman's touch, not in a sexual way, just to be so close to someone that they fit perfectly in your arms and everything seems like it is going to be okay. I love women, not in a "I wanna bang everything that has tits and a pussy" way, but in a "I want to hold her and listen to her story" kind of way. I love the female form, every curve, every inch of soft skin, and the way their hair tickles when it brushes against your skin. I miss that terribly. I wish girls wouldn't care, I wish I wouldn't come off as a creep for saying all of this. I wish I didn't come off as a pussy for saying/meaning all of this. I want to stay up and watch the sunrise with someone, I want to sit with her and watch the world turn, we wouldn't even need to talk, just being with her would make us invincible. I want to find that girl for me, I thought I had it, but it didn't work out. Maybe life is going to be full of those relationships, however bad they end, you can still remember the times you stayed up so late that you propose, and she says yes. The times you sit lakeside on a miserable winter day, staring at the frozen lake, and as long as she is by your side, everything is fine. Friends, I had a person who was my other half, but when you both change, sometimes you don't fit together anymore. That, that is life, and it took me four months to realize it. The relationship should have ended long before it did. I think that I am finally at peace with it's end. Soon I will try and find a new person who "completes me." As sappy and bullshit that saying is, it is what I am looking for. Hopefully I find that girl soon.