Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Ive been actually pretty happy up until tonight. I don't know, Something about today really makes me wish I had someone. I don't even have someone in mind. I haven't really been looking, but I haven't not been. I wish I could just find someone to be with forever. That's all I want, just one. Someone that I get along with, and who can get along with my friends. I think this attitude has to do with me smoking the past few days. I've now tried it, and it is not for me. Cigarettes are stupid, at first I loved the nicotine high, but it got old really quick. I'm over it. I have been really productive the past few days. I think it has to do with hanging out with my friend Ian. He is a really good influence on me. I am still on the hunt for a job, on the plus side, I don't care about what job I get, as long as I have one, I will be happy. That is what was holding me back. I got picky at the wrong time. This year has really sucked. Bad. People say it will get better, and it may, but it's not looking like it.