Monday, April 12, 2010

I wouldn't call it a broken heart, just shards like glass embeded in my chest

These are some poems I wrote recently...

How can I love with a heart this
broken, you stepped on me with the words you have spoken.
There won't be any shoulders to cry on, not mine at least
that time is gone.


Just when I thought the world couldn't get anymore
confusing, you walk through the door.
I should stop wearing these shirts, the sleeves get covered
in blood more often than not.
This time there is nothing left to break, im numb. You'd
think that's a good thing, its worse
There won't be any civil wars tonight girl, you know what
you did, no reason to kick you while you're down.
Cause in the end my army is bigger, and baby, there
wouldn't be a fight, just silence.


When will this pain end
Its been so long without him
I swear it isn't fair
I still feel him with me
It was only a second
It was only a second
How can a second
Take everything away
All my hopes and dreams
These sleepless nights alone
When will all of this end
Time will tell
When this story ends
All will be revealed


This isn't me raising my flag of defeat
I am taking a new direction
You won't see me fall to pieces
Im stronger than that
And you'll see
How I really am
When you look into my eyes
Lay down at my feet
Failure is not an option
Failure is not an option
Failure is not an option
But it won't be a walk in the park
This war's not over
Gun smoke
War cries
You'll never understand
Don't try to understand
Face to face with me
You'll see the fire in my stare
My broken empty heart
You'll see the real me

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